Strength holding up

Striding out
Slowly edging forwards
Goals achieved
Strength holding up
Steady paced progress goes
Clarity wains power dips
Crash we hit the floor
All a blur shivering wreck
No explanation for the effect
Lying prone on the ground
No assistance anywhere to be found

The power you have resisted and defends

Clarity of thought and positivity
Defiying all The sooth sayers and doubters
Achieving the targets set by self
Leading the way and lighting the path for all
Concentration and motivation visually apparent too all around
Being Self and Carrying on
Leading from the front and striding forward
No contempt or doubt seeps in
The power you have resisted and defends
Those around you pulled nearer by your deminor and pose
Lighting Up the World Around them
Feeding unnoticed from your overflowing cup
Your Mind’s Set is the most Attractive and powerful tool for all things